Handmade Memory Box Movies Step By Step

Cookery Video  Ideas

Food made with LOVE family recipes to enjoy in the present.  Discover the techniques of the best family cook, or have a laugh with the worst.

 Birthday Video Ideas

Create a BIRTHDAY video with interviews in high definition, including recycled HD VHS and photographs.

Holiday Video Ideas

Whatever HOLIDAY you are celebrating a bespoke memory movie will add sparkle to your event, remembering the people, and the places.

Greetings Storytellers

I'd love to share my passion for editing movies with you.  This website was born out of my love for my family, and   you can watch my feature length memory movie 'Desperately Seeking Grandma Alma' soon.

You're probably the one who offers to make that video of the birthday party, or tribute to a loved-one who has passed away, and you might be asked to step in as backup videographer, social media producer, graphic designer for events like weddings, naming ceremonies, funerals, and graduations.

It can get a bit overwhelming if you are creating content, and taking part in the event that's where I can help.  I'll sit with you, or be nearby to pitch in if you need someone to lighten the load, so you can look good and deliver a classy video too!

Best wishes,

One Love,

Dee xoxo