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Wouldn’t it be great to take control and tell your story using your own words?

It’s a risk trusting the privacy of your family stories to a middleperson or a piece of third party editing software.  How many times have people been scammed online?

The best way to take control is to speak your story to your family through the lens of a camera and to send it to them using public or private channels whatever you choose, you have choice.

Your family and friends will love to receive your film trailer teasing what’s in the longer version.  And if they like it you can always send over the longer version or plan a screening with everyone bringing their favourite nibbles and tipples.

Klaxon sounds:  it’s like the cinema experience but you’re the star and its anywhere you choose to watch your mobile device.

But we’ll show you how to do it.  Here’s a free guide to help you (you can also watch a video series)

What the free guide covers:

Setting up your Amazon Prime Video Direct account

The closed captions settings that might be holding you back

Essential file formats for uploading videos on Prime Video

How much money you can make streaming your video online

Why you are set up to fail VOD and what you can do about it

The marketing plan you can use right now

All you need to analyse audience engagement right now

“Let’s throw a giant watch party of your wonderful life story”

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