Legacy formats can sit on shelves for many years deteriorating in damp conditions posing a fire risk.

To a true storyteller this is unacceptable. The videos, films and slides, after all contain hidden gems.  And just with movies, on your phone, don’t they deserve to be seen?  Of course they do!  But traditional telly channels prioritize producers with a long list of credentials or who fit a certain type and do not offer to publish filmmakers fresh to the experience of exhibiting their series and standalone shows.

How do self-streamed telly series, standalone shows compare with traditional TV shows?

Our Solution: The Tidyup Media Streaming Video Service

Series and standalone shows are streamed from your computer straight to an online broadcast channel with millions of viewers.

Streaming is delivered securely online worldwide by award-winning TV channels like Prime Video.

Technicians use 100% certified streaming skills meaning that you reach audiences desperate to ditch watching mediocre series, and standalone shows that don’t reflect their story, or interests so prevalent on regular telly.

Streaming Video Benefits

Delivery of streaming service are sent with a “Streaming Report” describing the producers, genres, regions and streaming processes, as well as reviews on each platform, a marketing plan for a streaming service campaigns, and suggestions for ways to set up an IMDb for your broadcast project.

You’ll enjoy fresh new streaming skills direct from working streaming distributors around the world four times a year. So audiences will never have to watch boring or irrelevant content ever again.

Every streaming service comes with 100%, no question asked, money-back guarantee. And you never have to return any materials to claim your full money back guarantee.

You can stop your service at any time. We are a wholly customer focused service for streaming video makers.

Streaming Video Service

Dee is one of the world’s most passionate on all matters streaming video on broadcast platforms.  Known for her “streaming savvy”, she’s one of the few Brits speaking about self-streaming at prestigious institutions.

She’s dedicated to improving the access to rare, hard-to-find stories, the most interesting and most heart-warming streamed video content to share across continents, until now it was virtually impossible to stream around the world.  All her video streaming services are independently produced and the copyright is owned 100%.

How  streaming legacy video can enrich someone’s life

If you’re a filmmaker or writer, streaming your series and standalone shows on demand will create memorable content experiences for millions of people around the world.

Click on a link and powerful, expressive content touches their souls, like a 3D event in a flat screen. Stream it, and watch. It’s as complex as gourmet cuisine.  Layers of feelings, waves of emotions wash over their bodies.  Suddenly their entire world is filled with what interests and tastes they like!

If you’ve ever drank deeply from a glass of pure water with lots of ice clinking against the sides and felt its satisfying  quench of your thirst,  this is how it feels when you drench them with energetic, fresh streamed content.

One of the world’s most popular ways to watch telly

Research has shown that viewers are supplementing traditional telly with paid for video on demand services. A third of viewers polled said that they paid a subscription to see content on an online-service provider such as Hulu, Netflix or Amazon.

The data reveals that homes with video-on-demand services watch less TV because the streaming video subscribers tend to be younger, more affluent two groups that normally watch less telly.

Paid for streaming subscriptions are popular among younger consumers around the world with 31%, aged 15–34-years-old saying they buy content compared with 24% , aged 35–49, 15% aged 50–64 and 6% aged 65+, according to responses received.

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