Video Researchers Find Missing TV Clips

Our video researchers find missing TV show or film clips for actor showreels.  “Do you have a list of missing tv show or film clips that you need to find? Or is there a tv show or film you’ve worked on that you’ve never seen?  Finally do you need to add last year’s missing TV show or film clips to your current showreel?  If you’ve answered YES to one or more of these questions, our missing TV show or film clips showreel research and editing service maybe especially relevant to you.

Our video researchers will dig out those missing gems, because finding your TV show or film clips probably seems like just one more thing you need to do…

Video researchers help Jean Ellwood

Her showreel needed updating.  Her agent wanted to get her more television and film work.  Our video researcher was asked to find missing clips of Jean speaking and acting against others in TV shows and films.  This would help  sell Jeans’s acting skills, Jean has a distinctive look and gets tons of commercials because of it.

She gave our video researchers a list of missing clips

In addition we looked at her online profile, got a few DVDs with TV shows and films she’d worked on.  In the end our video researcher located all the missing TV shows and film clips on Jean’s list.   Everything, nothing escaped us, though maybe some of the missing clips had clearer sound and better image quality than others.

Our video researcher uploaded a copy of the edited showreel for Jean’s agent and a gave Jean a DVD with her showreel and all the missing TV shows, film clips and commercials we found.  As a result of our showreel sleuthing Jean can watch the missing commercials, tv shows or films on her telly with a cup of tea and a biscuit.

Contact us to find your missing TV shows,  films and commercials.  To see Jean’s showreel click here.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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