Van Gogh inspired twilight photowalk

Van Gogh inspired twilight photowalk

Painting with light Grand Union Canal by Dee Semple

Night play: Canal and Bikes by Dee Semple


Twilight Photos Used Movement Shadows and Reflections

The idea evolved to include yellow tinged images and light painting. In addition each image used movement, shadows and reflections as focal points to capture the essence of the Golborne area at twilight and night.  Intergenerational play with light sabres, glow sticks and sparklers were used in some of the images.  Another painter Genevieve Asse’s blue hues, space and light influenced the blueday4night colourisation of video installation “Before Mirrors” by artist Dee Semple.

Playing and Eating Together

The project’s themes were; night photography, adult play and communion through eating together. Pace photo walks began with ACAVA and Venture Centre’s project brief.  Photographers took images of the Grand Union Canal, Golborne Road, Portobello Square and the Venture Playground.  The photographer’s used Canon EOS 1300, IXUS 175 kit and their phones.  They took images of light patterns, iconic buildings and the sky.  We used Photoshop Elements to import and make simple edits; crops and corrections. Images were printed onto cotton canvas using an inkjet printer.

adult and child playing with light sabre on a swing
Night play: Sabre and Swings by Dee Semple

Every week we displayed printed canvases showing the development of subject and colours.  They were grouped in threes to depict individual’s experience of the lights on Golborne Truss Bridge and in Trellick Tower at night.  We decided to mount the canvases on foam board to give a 3D effect. Nam June Paik’s “Electric Superhighway” influenced the use of coloured glow sticks for the intergenerational play session.  The age range from child to middle-age is the subject matter of the video, photo slideshows, performance poetry, intergenerational play and found documentary audio piece.

Venture Twilight Pace Series Soup Stop by Dee Semple
Venture Twilight Series Soup Stop by Dee Semple

Communion through food was the theme enjoyed the most as we struck up a friendship with the Moroccan cook.  Common connections such as he was marrying a local girl whose ethnicity was Moroccan and Trinidadian, my family of origin come from this island too.  He shared his marriage excitement and fears with us. He connected especially well with the middle-aged man in the group.  “Before Mirrors” includes audio from documentary “This is our playground”, audio “Before Mirrors” is from the poetry collection “The Rhythm Writer”, video “PHAT”, Ausar Auset ritual at Rapparee Cove, audio from intergenerational play session “Golborne Twilight Series”.

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