The  Rhythm Writer

by Onayemi


My hope is that readers experience some of the joy I had writing, learning, speaking and drawing these poems. I'm happy  to share my journal joy, and I appreciate you!

One love, Onayemi

In 1990, I started a creative writing group called the Rhythm Writers. We met once a week in the Black Cultural Centre in west London, UK. I was unhappy in my 9-to-5 and this was a perfect creative outlet for me. I wrote intensively with the group for nearly three years while temping as a PA in the film industry. During this time I got a lot of joy performing my poems live, a highlight of this time was supporting Pulitzer prize-winner Toni Morrison on her tour entitled ‘Jazz’. The group and morning journalling gave me a safe space to discover and express my artistic side, most of the poems in this book started as snippets in my journals.



Before Mirrors Meditation

Before the advent of mirrors

We looked into each others eyes

And saw reflected

Radiating joy infectious

like children's laughter

Our breathing in time

In between deep inhalations

We exhaled ... LOVE

Embrace Life The Rhythm Writer by Onayemi
Sweet Success The Rhythm Writer by Onayemi
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