Recycle VHS video for a healthier planet

Tidyup Media* ethos is ‘Recycle VHS video for a healthy planet”. We save multimedia mementos then recycle in an environmentally responsible way.  We saw a need to save precious memories deteriorating on old technology like VHS.

What is techno trash?

Video over the years has created valuable memories on materials such as tape, but some of it was toxic techno trash.  So instead of throwing video tape in the bin or landfill it’s worth having a look at where to recycle VHS video for a healthy planet and in a way that has less of a negative impact on the environment.

Zero waste VHS recycling

Analogue video footage is stored, digitised and distributed in a number of ways each costing time and money requiring technological knowhow and in particular how to access zero waste recycling of VHS is unclear even to the most dedicated.

Tapes sent to landfill are toxic for the environment

Customers who have digitised dozens of tapes are still left with the dilemma of where to dispose of unwanted VHS.  In the past tapes were sent to landfill at a terrible cost to the environment as they contain toxic chemicals.  Today zero waste recycling is possible, nothing is sent to landfill, all materials are recycled into new products.