Video Editing

From £240 per day

Our non-linear editors will creatively cut your video footage to your tell your stories. We’ll use all the hidden gems in your videos, photographs, film, 35mm slides and text like letters, poetry and diaries, so the stars in your family will shine bright like diamonds in their memorable multimedia moments.

This is what’s included:

  1. Tape Transfer (VHS, miniDv or DVCAM)
  2. Video director cheat sheet
  3. Simple storyboard
  4. Offline Edit with auto colour correction
  5. Front and end titles
  6. Chose formats including; WhatsApp and Apple Watch


  • Recycling tapes
  • Captions
  • Online edit with full colour correction


From £120 per slideshow

Our expertise and your stories will create magical memories – you scan your prints and transfer your tapes.

We’ll use your zip files, disks, or flash drives to turn prints and tapes into slideshows with captions.


From £26 per photobook (minimum of 4)

Your photos printed on cotton rich paper arranged in layers, then hand stitched with linen thread to create beautiful original collages.