Pipe dreams come true for a video interviewee training to be a plumber. She turns up to check my boiler 14-years later as a qualified gas engineer!

“Are you at home?  It’s the Gas Engineer”.

“Yes”, I replied.  “It’s great to hear a woman’s voice.”

It couldn’t be her… I opened the door and recognised her instantly.

“Hello Bernie”, I said.

She replied, “Sorry do I know you?”

Bernie came to do my Gas Safety check.  Two years ago I was served with a Notice of Seeking Possession. I missed the annual Gas Safety Check appointment because I was overworking.

Call it synchronicity, an indicator, a sign, intention, luck, chance?  Thank you Bernie for sticking to your goal, you’re helping me stick to mine.

I left teaching to re-setup my video business.  I’ve spent a year pitching, waiting indoors for repairs, re-editing old video I’ve shot and directed.

“You were in a video I directed called White City Construction Training.”  I said.

“Yeah I remember.  That was 14-years-ago,” she said.

“I’ll get the video while you set up”, I said.  I played her the interview a black and white snippet that lasted less than a minute.

Why had her story and name stayed with me all these years?

What did she say and do, that embedded her interview into my subconscious, renewing hope for my own financial security as a video professional?

“Can I use this in my work”, I said.

“Of course I trust you,” Bernie said.

“What’s Bernie short for?”  I asked.

“Bernice”, she said.

“That’s my sister’s name…”

What do you think?


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