Minecraft Photowalk

Widening Participation in lens-based arts and sports.

We used Photoshop Elements to import and make simple edits; blends, crops and corrections. Images were uploaded to instagram.

Materials Needed:

2 photographs, preferably JPEG file format.  Access to Photoshop or PS Elements. Example of compositions used in the Minecraft game.  First person, third person front and rear view.

How To Photograph It

Shoot a wide angled photograph first person view with people in the distance.

Step 1.

Place your photograph onto a layer on the canvas in your photo editing software.  Digitize minecraft first person view, and place it on to a different layer, and take the opacity down to less than 50%.n the page.

Step 2.

Adjust the opacity until the blend looks good.  Then do an internet search for Minecraft font.  Download if you prefer authenticity,  or use a similiar pixelated sans serif font to create the names above heads.

Step 3.

Select the Type tool  and, click it again to select Vertical Type Tool.  Click anywhere on the canvas to type short names.

Step 4.

Enjoy the finished result.  Export for web or print exhibition.