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15 January 2023

10 Reasons to book a

part time freelance Avid editor

17 November 2022

DM Semple

1. Achieve your targets

Boost your bottom line, increase your output and achieve your targets faster.

2. Impress your clients

Give clients access to creative editing and assistance.

3. Get on top of projects

Take on projects you never quite get to side-lined because of time constraints.

4. Support existing teams

Support and give permanent editorial staff the space to perform at a higher level.

5. Increase productivity

A BT survey found that the productivity of flexible workers increased by 30%. 

6. Recruit cost-effectively

Flexible workers help businesses employ talented workers they could never afford full-time.

7. Fill your hard-to-fill role

Flexible freelance work is in demand, you’ll have access to high-quality candidates.

8. Boost diversity in the workplace

Flexible working for all lies at the heart of addressing the gender pay gap. McKinsey says gender-diverse companies are 15% more likely to achieve returns above industry average.

9. Cover a period of absence

A good way to bridge the gap when you don’t want to hire a full-time member of staff or contractor. 

10. Encourage mentoring

They’re not seeking to steal anyone’s jobs, rather they want to use their skills and are happy to share knowledge to less experienced members of staff. 

Behind the scenes: Desperately Seeking Grandma Alma

23 September 2022

by DM Semple


So editors adore an acronym, virtue signalling it may be but I found writing the HOH CC SRT for the feature DSGA improved my storytelling.

There were a couple of issues:

legacy narration

new commentary

non English song lyrics

spoken word poetry

Thai, Mandarin and Yoruba speech

1200 missing symbols from the code. Added while singing Des'ree "Life", and eating toast(dodododo).

It helped that I met with a hard of hearing person who asked me to take off my face mask so they could lip read. Aha! I need to use the captions to make the story taking place off screen easy to understand.

It was fun translating languages using Google, but in the end I didn't use any of it in the final subtitle file. 


One love,

Denise M

PS. To buy DVDs of Desperately Seeking Grandma Alma click here

*PPS. So did you geddit? (hard of hearing, closed caption, SubRip Subtitle file, but I'm sure you knew already ;)



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