Avenues kids show love for Queens Park Gardens during frosty fun-filled photowalk

Avenues kids show love for Queens Park Gardens during frosty fun-filled photowalk

What’s your story?

“I don’t really know this area,” I said as I walked along the Harrow Road with Susannah from the outreach team at UAL. Then I remembered trips to the Elgin Estate, with my daughter, to eat vegan food and study African history during my years at film school.

The Avenues has a famous photograph, hanging on its wall. A picture of superstar Stevie Wonder, who surprised local children with a visit to their football pitch.

Creating an iconic image

I found another iconic image of three young men under the Harrow Road sign from Horace Ove’s debut feature film, “Pressure”.

The youngest photovoice participant was 8-years-old. Choosing an outfit was hard I didn’t want to get my box-fresh trainers dirty as the forecast said rain.

I’d prepared well following the LCC brief, using online resources from the charity Photovoice. Susannah arrived with  Anita and a box of Panasonic Lumetri cameras.


The photography word search puzzle was a hit. The presentation was too long so I cut it short, for more ‘hands-on’ camera exercises. Afterwards we visited the London Print Studios to look around the studio and the exhibition space.

After lunch the camera buffs were given the brief; “Put yourself in the picture”, using Minecraft points of view.  They chose Queens Park Gardens to take selfies and images of each other playing in a drizzly park.

Put yourself in the picture!

Daoud captures the intergenerational photojournalism. His shot of Leonardo, Teniola, Nour and Mia, as well as Dee and Susannah from UAL. He captures the Gothic architecture on Third Avenue too.

Nour puts himself in the picture and his vibrant selfie transports us the kind of fun play that parks offer. His ability to find an interesting angle to show himself in the best possible way is admirable.

Leonardo directs his mates into the turrets of the play structure allowing viewers to see the fun nature of outdoor play. His image has two boys stopped in time, standing like senteries guarding the playground.

Mia’s shot of Teniola captures the extraordinary concentration of the photographer, as her cornrows draw our eyes to her downwards gaze evoking engagement.

Teniola’s documents Mia working out on the cross trainer. She demonstes her understanding of the rule of thirds.

Swalah’s captures the colours and excitement of the afternoon photo walk session. His friend Leonardo is checking out the images he shot in the park.  He’s on his way back to The Avenues and can’t wait to show everyone his photos.

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